Eric Pérez
(Mexico City, 1972)

Eric completed his basic education at state schools in Coyoacán. In 1990 he entered the National School of Arts (ENAP) for a very short period, and in 1991 began an Art History degree at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1991-1994). Although returned ENAP, invited to it´s contemporary painting seminar (2000-2002), his training as a painter is basically autodidactic, and thus more of a life adventure than a professional career. During this adventure he has established a valuable personal dialogue with the history of painting. While vast and complex, in that history he has found special connections and empathies, above all with the works of Patinir, Brueguel, Poussin, Ruisdael, Claude Lorraine, Friedrich and Turner. Worthy of special mention for him are the works of Corot, Daubigny and the American tonalists, especially George Iness, as well as Japanese ukiyo-e graphics and Chinese painting.

Travel has always been crucial in his life. He was lucky enough to have parents who traveled frequently and thanks to them he was able to visit much of Mexico. At the age of 22 he spent a year traveling in Europe, living for some months in Madrid and London, from where he traveled to India. That trip was definitive in his life and vocation. He continues to travel as often as he can.

Reading is another world that delights him and also provides a gestation for his work. While his favorite book is usually the one he is currently reading, among his favorite authors are Roberto Calasso, Riszard Kapucinski, Simon Schama, Claudio Magris and John Berger.

Although it is not evident in his work, he maintains a close relationship with his country and its vicissitudes, as well as a social and political commitment as a citizen. He has sympathized with and participated in the great social movements of 1988, 1994 and 2006. As well as painting, traveling and reading, he is passionate about walking, dogs and soccer.

Memory plays the fundamental role in his work as a mental mechanism that amalgamates experiences, dreams and fictions.